Athena and Camron / Winter Sunset in Sydney

If there’s anyone in the world who has a more parallel life to me than Athena, I’d be shocked.

Athena is another wedding photographer from Sydney, who moved to the Northwest after marrying her American husband. We connected years ago when we were both in the process of making the move to the US and have been able to understand and relate to one another’s experiences more than anyone. The heartache of being far from Australia, the cultural perks, being a wedding photographer, visas and immigration and everything far and few between. This uniqueness has kept us always checking in with eachother over the years, never meeting even though we’ve lived so close for so long.

Until we both happened to be in Sydney at the same time this winter, and we knew it was finally time to meet up and share in our experiences TOGETHER. We met up in a place that has been special to us both over the years, a little beach town called Thirroul just south of Sydney, and grabbed a beer and chatted until the sun began to set, and then without expectation or any cares in the world, we photographed each other in the ocean along the sand and watched the colors of the sunset fade into night time. Moments that we’ll both cherish forever and that we both captured on camera for eachother. I’m so excited to share these gorgeous little moments in photos with you.

Kiara RoseComment