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for the intimate; the unruly; the magnificent.


love is not a feeling. love is a compilation of a million beautiful moments and actions shared between two. love is building a home within another person; letting your love abide in them; indwelling within them.



We know love.


We're Kiara & David Talley. We married in December 2016. We did long distance for 2 years between Australia and the US before Kiara moved to join David in America in November of 2016. We created "Indwell" as a representation and an overflow of our own love. We're not your 'trendy' photographers and might not be the most functional humans, but we're real and honest and completely in love with what we do, and each other.

Indwell: to reside in, to abide within, to build a home.


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Based in Portland, OR in 2017.


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If you live locally and want to meet up for coffee (or tea, or doughnuts, or whatever it is you like) get in touch and we'll schedule a time to chat and get to know each-other. If not, lets schedule a call. Let's be friends.

We do travel! Here's a list of our schedule for the upcoming months:
February '18 - Missoula, MT (teaching at RMSP)
March '18- Zion UT, Los Angeles CA & Palm Springs CA
April '18 - Sydney, Australia
June 18' - Birmingham AL, Mt. Rainier WA
July 18' - Eugene, OR
September  '18- Portland, OR & Klamath Falls, OR
October '18 - Iowa City, IO
November '18 - Sydney, Australia + Wellington, New Zealand.

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the intimate; unruly; magnificent kind of love.