Autumn and Sorin / Bridal Veil Lakes Wedding, Oregon

Brace yourself, this is a long collection of pictures. Autumn and Sorin are some of our very best friends, and you may even notice me (Kiara) wearing a bridesmaid dress in this, because, well, I was their photographer and bridesmaid and after much anxiety and stress about if I could pull it off, Autumn and Sorin’s wedding day was both fun and joyful and totally not stressful at all (I actually don’t know how Autumn was so relaxed in the lead up to the day).

Autumn and Sorin got married in Bridal Veil Lakes on one of the most beautiful Summer days among their loves ones, and the day was filled with tears, laughter, lots of drunk sunset dancing and rolling down the hill in our dresses. I am so thankful to have not only been part of this day, but documenting this wedding gave me such a vivid memory for all the beautiful moments we shared and experienced.

Love you two.


Flowers: Ponderosa and Thyme
Venue: Bridal Veil Lakes

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