6 Secretly Stunning Wedding Venues in Portland


Did you ever dream of what your wedding would be like growing up?

Maybe it was set in a fairytale forest, surrounded by gargantuan pines with the scent of summer-baked earth rising around you as you walked down the aisle. Or, perhaps an open-air industrial loft with vaulted ceilings and exposed woodwork, sunlight beaming through the 20th-century windows and casting light rays across your partners face as you whisper “I do”…

Whatever your imagination lent you, the venue you choose for your wedding is one of the most important and difficult decisions you’ll make while planning your day. And for good reason: not only is it the place where you’ll say your “I do’s,” but it’s the place where your memories will forever be planted as the beginning of your journey in marriage with your partner.

While no place is perfectly matched in our minds, there is certainly a wide range of beautiful venues that leave nothing to the imagination. The perfect Portland wedding venue can be difficult to find and hard to visualize your wedding in, so we made a list of 7 secretly stunning venues that will capture your most vivid imagination:

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1. Blockhouse PDX

Indoor, outdoor, and somewhere in-between, this beautiful wedding venue is located in the Pearl District of Northwest Portland. The venue backs up onto Pomarius Nursery, setting a vibrant, plant-inspired backdrop sure to create a serene and tranquil mood during your “I-do’s.” This venue can accommodate weddings during any time of the year, and sets a romantic and carefree tone for your wedding day.


Venue Details:

Capacity: 60 seated, 75 standing, or 125 with use of patio.
1988 NW 18th Ave, Portland, OR 97209
Website & Rates:

See more: Ali & Shane’s Blockhouse Wedding


2. The Cleaners at Ace Hotel

We adore the intimate setting offered at this cute downtown venue. A part of Ace Hotel, The Cleaners is a romantic, no-frills venue with lots of options for a romantic backdrop to your wedding. With perfect views of downtown lining the streets just outside the venue to large glass-panel windows for beautifully soft Portland light, The Cleaners will leave you free of worries, enthralled in the intimacy of the space and the love of your partner.

3. Cooper’s Hall

We love shooting in the spacious, beautiful Cooper’s Hall. Located in Portland’s Buckman Neighborhood, this venue is a taproom and winery that lends a significant dose of class while remaining approachable and versatile. It resides in a quonset hut structure built in the mid 20th century, a former auto body shop, with no confines between the winery and tap room. Cooper Hall’s only limits are what you can imagine within it’s spacious walls.


Venue Details:

Capacity: 125-150 Guests
404 SE 6th Ave, Portland, OR 97214

Colleen & Aaron’s Cooper’s Hall Wedding: Coming Soon


4. The Evergreen

With vaulted ceilings, exposed brick facades, and seating for up to 200 guests, The Evergreen, located in Inner Southeast Portland is industrial loft luxury at its finest. We loved shooting at this venue, specially crafted to accommodate weddings with their in-house bridal suite. It gets amazing sunset light through the upper windows and is attached to Loyal Legion, if you want to get your drink on. ;-)


Venue Details:

Capacity: 200 Guests
618 SE Alder St, Portland, OR 97214

Julia & Grant’s Evergreen Wedding: Coming Soon


5. Tendue

Intimate, affordable, and elegant, Tendue is a beautiful space for small-capacity weddings located on Division Street in Southeast Portland. While the size of this venue you may be small, we love it for it’s intimate nature. Tendue offers guests a chance to be close to the bride and groom, without costing a fortune. If you’re having a small wedding or just looking for a cozy space, Tendue is your ticket.


Venue Details:

Capacity: 16-30 Guests
The Ford Building, 2505 SE 11th Ave Suite 255, Portland, OR 97202

Camas & Jeff’s Tendue Wedding: Coming Soon


6. Mt. Hood Organic Farms

Mt. Hood Organic Farms, located just outside of Portland is one of those venues that can only be described as exhilarating. Between it’s 360-degree views of nature, it’s stunning placement in the shadow of Mt. Hood, and the local, organic catering the venue provides, this venue leaves nothing to be desired. We love Mt. Hood organic farms for it’s focus on connecting your wedding to the beauty of the Northwest, from the views you take in during your vows, to the food you consume during your reception.

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