Britt and Jeff / Mt. St Helens Engagement

This is without a doubt, my favorite set of photos I’ve ever taken of a couple. Thats a big statement, but every moment of this day was memorable. Britt and Jeff are experienced mountaineers and when we spoke about what to do for their engagement session, I told them I was down for anything. It didn’t feel right to limit them to a city shoot, knowing they are feeling their best when hiking a mountain. So they suggested Harry’s Ridge Trail up in Mt. St Helens, and after many postponed dates due to weather, we finally found a day with perfect weather and made it happen.

The hike is 8 miles roundtrip, so they packed their clothing in their day packs, along with some snacks for us (10/10 clients right there) so I didn’t have to carry a pack. The hike up there was quite warm for an October afternoon and felt like a lot longer than the way back, and once we hit the top of the ridge, the light was just getting right, so we had a snack and starting shooting.

The chemistry between Britt and Jeff was unmatchable, and it made SO much sense, they were in a place they loved, doing something they loved; immersed in nature together, and it was such a pleasant experience seeing them enjoy this mountain. As the sun started setting, we knew it would be a good one. We had a full view of Mt. Adams to the left, as well as Spirit Lake, Mt. St Helens didn’t have her first snowfall of the season yet (we learnt that it got a dumping just days later) and as the sun was setting, we realised the moon ALSO rose directly over Mt. Adams.. Which we could have never planned to be more perfect than it was.

After we shot, it started getting cold real quick, so we power walked the final 4 miles back to the car and drove back to Portland. I’m so excited to share these pictures with you, but I’m even more excited for Britt and Jeff’s Mt. Hood wedding this coming April.

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