Fred & Caroline / Woodland Wedding at Storybrooke Lodge, TN


Brace yourselves. This one's going to be a long one. This is by far the most special wedding we've been to; we're definitely biased. Frederick and Caroline are two of our best friends and collectively, some of our favorite couple friends. Fred & Caroline did long distance between Oxford and Los Angeles while Caroline was studying abroad in the UK, and at the same time David and I were doing long distance between Australia and the US. We became incredibly close in this time and bonded over the heartache of long distance. Fred and David have a crazy story of how they met, and their friendship has been so important to David, enough so that he had the honour to be a groomsman in this wedding. When Fred and Caroline asked me to photograph their wedding, I could have cried (and possibly did). There is nothing more special to me than to be able to document some of my closest friends' wedding day. Because I have full control of documenting the special moments, and I'm close enough to know what means the most to them.

This day is more-so a week of adventure. We all stayed together outside of Franklin, TN in a beautiful historic home preparing for the wedding. I had no idea the day would be as beautiful as it was; we expected freezing temperatures and Caroline and Fred looked SO incredible. The venue was more than anyone could've expected and every single element was amazing. 

Dress: Sarah Seven
Venue: Storybrooke Lodge, Fairview TN
Suit + Tie: J-Crew Men and TieBar
Flowers: Bride's Sister
Fur Coat and Shoes: Bride's grandmother

We started the day getting ready in the back rooms of the lodge, with the most beautiful bathroom you could ever imagine. The girls spent time snacking and singing and helping eachother get ready. From curling Caroline's strays outside of her dreadlocks, to putting her shoes on, everyone had an interactive part of making her look incredible. There was not a single dry eye in the room when Caroline showed her bridesmaids her final look.

The guys slowly made their way over to the lodge to iron shirts and get ready, and their energy was totally different to the girls, of course. They were so amped up and energised, it was so fun to be around both different groups of people. Fred gave everyone a demo on how to tie their tie and there was so much goofiness and humour with the guys, my face hurt from laughing.


Fred and Caroline organised a gift exchange. It was so precious and special and I had the honour to exchanging those gifts for them and documenting their reaction. Thankfully, they're both SO similar they gifted each other very similar things: writings. Caroline then did a first look with her Dad alone and prepared to walk down the aisle.

Their ceremony was perfect and short and amazing. They wrote their own vows and their words to eachother were nothing short of eloquent and powerful. We immediately left the ceremony afterwards to take their portraits and I cannot stop dreaming over how beautiful they look.

The reception started with southern and italian cuisine and doughnuts from Five Daughters Bakery, speeches and a song performance instead of a first dance. Then, LOTS of dancing. Followed by the most magical sparkler exit ever.

We came back to the lodge that Caroline and Fred married at, which is also where they were staying, and we took some really beautiful and intimate day after photos. These are my new favorite thing to do; raw and beautiful and cosy photos the day after your wedding.


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