Some helpful info before your engagement session!

We want you to have the best engagement session possible so we've put together a guide for you to browse through with information on how to dress, what to expect and how to give it your best.


What to wear

Our most commonly asked question when it comes to your engagement session is, "what should we wear?". My first response is always to choose something that you think best fits your personal style and the weather, but also the environment you're shooting in. Our general rule is to stay as neutral as possible, with as many earthy tones as possible (mixed and matched even). When you're shooting by a waterfall, in a forest, on the coast or by a mountain, you don't want to stand out too much wearing something loud, you want to compliment your environment while still standing out enough to make it seem like you being there is totally natural.

Practicality: If you're wearing a dress, try and choose something that has a little bit of movement and isn't too short, that way we can get you and your partner sitting down, dancing around and getting some fun movement photos too. Unless you're a tight dress kinda gal, then we say just be prepared and own it! We want you to feel as free flowing as possible. We also encourage you to always wear enclosed shoes; first, editing feet out of a photo can be tricky if you've forgotten to get a pedicure (it happens!) and based on the environments, and all the walking and maybe even trekking we'll embark on, we want you to be comfortable and safe. If it's cold, wear something comfortable! Big sweaters and coats photograph so nicely, especially if you're comfortable in them. We don't want you feeling cold and wet if it's raining, bring an umbrella or be dressed to get wet.

Color/Pattern: Here's our color palette preference as a general rule, but feel free to explore outside of this if you think these aren't fitting to your personal style. We just ask no bright reds/no strong patterns (no giant stripes). These just don't read well in the camera and generally cause some interesting optical illusion like sights in your pictures. Black, white + simple stripes, light denim and natural colored linen are always my go to recommendations.

Our best example of what to wear is: natural materials in their natural colors: simple cotton and linen have the perfect colors naturally and subtly died and that's what everyone looks best in (not that you have to wear those materials, but their respective colors are always easiest to photograph!)

Match your environment: if we're shooting in a primarily green area, try and stay with earthy browns and creams with a pop of pale pink. If you wear all green in a green environment, you'll blend in! If we're shooting urban in a grungy street, wear something that matches that aesthetic; long dresses and formal attire wouldn't work with that environment. Desert shoots always work with a mix of earthy reds and creams and a small pop of blue or dark brown. Here's our favorite examples of couples who have perfectly matched their environment when it comes to pattern, practicality and colors.

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What to expect.

There’s not a whole lot that you can expect from your engagement session, but there’s a few things you can do to help make the day more seamless. Have a lovely chat with your partner in the car on the way to your shoot, talk about important things, things you love about one another, because we can always tell when you’ve had a little argument on the way to the shoot. You want to be on very good terms with each other and feeling well connected. We encourage you to grab a drink or coffee together before your shoot and talk to eachother (David and I read Date Night Questions to eachother like this)

As long as you’re both willing and open, we can do our job. We’re going to prompt you with goofy tasks and silly prompts and all we want is for you to enjoy yourself and go along with it. Our goal is to get beautiful candid pictures, but also for you two to feel extra connected and lovey when you leave.