Eryn & Seng / Yosemite National Park Spring Engagement

Eryn & Seng travelled all the way from Singapore to have their photos taken in Yosemite. If there's anyone who loves that park more then them, I'd like to meet them! We spent two days in the park shooting together and laughing about cultural norms and chatting about their wedding plans and about Singapore. I love how photography connects us with people all over the world.

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Sonora & Elijah / In love, Portland OR

Sonora & Elijah are two creative souls from Southern Oregon, now living in Portland pursuing their artistic careers. They are down to earth, so youthful and so in love. We wandered around the city on a day that was pouring rain and did our best to stay dry.

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Elysee & Brody / In love / Glendora, CA

Elysee was the winner of our session giveaway two weeks ago and little did I know, her and David grew up together and I had met her in passing once before - It was this perfect little reunion I didn't even notice was going to happen, and so the session was absolutely seamless. We drove up a terrifying mountain road and pulled off to the side as the sun started setting through the may haze.

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Paige & Andrew / In love / San Diego, CA

Paige and Andrew have been our friends for a while. Paige, David and I dating back to the old Flickr days and Paige and David even to crazy photo adventures together in southern California. Last December, a few days after our wedding, we modelled for Paige in the Las Vegas desert and spent a few sweet days with her and Andrew in an awesome little Airbnb. We spent this spontaneous afternoon with Paige and Andrew down in San Diego flying the drones, shooting photos and laughing at so many different stories and photographer perks.

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Pratik & Bella / In love / Portland in the Springtime

Bella & Pratik are two insanely talented creatives who ended up in Portland after teaching up in Seattle with Creative Live last week. We've been online friends for a long time, and as another couple who is experiencing long distance, I knew we would connect well and we did. We captured their love while they were in town and I was surprised that they don't have very many pictures of them at all!

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Caro & Fred / In love / Rainy Portland Days

Caroline & Fred came to visit us from LA. They drove all the way up the coast and we took them around our city exploring. These two are such dear friends to us, living almost parallel lives with long distance, it's so beautiful to get to know them more and spend intentional time hanging out.

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Mark & Caitlin / Pasadena Wedding, CA

Mark & Caitlin got married on a beautiful rainy day in Pasadena, CA in December. The leaves had just turned to autumn colours, as California does much later than most states. They wed at The Thursday Club in La Cañada Flintridge around all their friends with all the most personal and unique elements that made their day so special to them. Their love is so contagious and it was an honour to have a part in their wedding day.

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Derek & Paige / Sunrise Engagement in Malibu, CA

A few of David's friend from high school got engaged and married a year or two ago, and we never got to blogging some of their beautiful images. This set is definitely one of our favourites, Paige & Derek are such naturals in front of the camera and their love for one another is so visible.

We started the shoot on a beautiful beach in Malibu, and ended on top of a helicopter pad overlooking Los Angeles. Two magical locations and two magical people.

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Alex & Brian / Forest Falls, CA

Alex and Brian (if you don't already know these two!) are the most inspirational people and super talented photographers. We caught up before we drove back up to Portland and we snapped away in the snowy mountains behind the valley. It was so beautiful to see these two in their element and how kind and sweet-spirited they are, their love is so gentle and evident. 

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Pedro & Krystal / Claremont, CA

Pedro and David went to college together before David left to continue his photography career. Pedro reached out earlier this month to take some photos of him and his beautiful girlfriend in Claremont, and Mount Baldy. It was a beautiful fall day and we wandered around drinking coffee and photographing their love, climbing over rocks and battling harsh sunlight. I would do these kinds of shoots any day all the time.

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Michelle & Matt / Upland, CA

Michelle is David's younger sister (out of 4!) and her and her boyfriend Matt have been together for years - They live in a beautiful home about 40 minutes away from us and are passionate about healthy food, organic and clean eating and conscious living, which translates not just into Michelle's AMAZING meals but also in to every aspect of their lives. Being around them is definitely inspiring and we were so happy to capture a few snaps of them inside their home, eating cashews and raspberries, hanging in the garden they plan to start growing produce in and cooking together. These two are the sweetest.

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David & Kiara / Portland, OR

Going through the archives and decided to blog the first set of photos David and I ever took together after one month of dating. We caught a beautiful sunset in Mount Tabor park, Portland OR and photographed together in the long grass. From last June, 2015.

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