Indwell Presets Collection One (2017-2018)

Indwell Presets Collection One (2017-2018)

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Available Until July 22nd 2019!

Our original Lightroom Preset Collection from 2017-2018 of 18 Unique Presets (3 B&W, 3 Light, 5 Medium and 3 Dark, and a few adjustable extras) to use on any images from any wedding. These are the exact presets we’ve used for the work we’ve produced for our clients in 2017-2018 and retains skill tones, keeps beautiful sunset tones and greens without interrupting shadows or highlights.

Some examples of our presets can be seen as you scroll through.

*Compatible with the latest version of Lightroom, not compatible with versions Lightroom 3 and lower. We cannot accept refunds due to the nature of a digital product.

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