2019 Indwell Preset Collection

2019 Indwell Preset Collection

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Now Available for Early Bird Price of $55 until October 5th.

Each year, we expand and adjust our editing to remain timeless, universally adjustable and consistent with the way we see the world infront of us. It’s of vital importance that the weddings we capture and the work we produce looks just as wonderful when it leaves our editing workflow.

Our 2019 Preset Pack is a whole new approach on editing. With 10 Presets, we’ve been able to create the same look among each presets while offering necessary variants per environment we shoot in. All inspired by keeping the landscape around us true to life, we’ve created each preset with color in mind, ensuring we never take away from the true shade in skin tones, unrealistically emphasize warmth or greens of the trees. We see editing as a way to enhance what is already beautiful in front of us.

Some examples of our presets can be seen as you scroll through.

*Compatible with the latest versions of Lightroom, not compatible with versions Lightroom 3 and lower. We cannot accept refunds due to the nature of a digital product.

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Rosy Cheeks (our personal favorite that we use for everything!)

Black and White

Cold Nights

Window Light

Past Sunset

Sunset 1 + 2

2 is a warmer adjustment of the preset.