5 Tips for Getting Perfect Wedding Photos


Do you ever look at jaw-dropping wedding photos and wonder how you can make sure yours look that way, too?

Even after your wedding day is over, you're going to want beautiful images to remember your wedding day. We've compiled our top 5 tips for getting the perfect wedding photos. Check them out below!


1. Choose A Beautiful Location

Your wedding venue or ceremony location should definitely be picturesque. When deciding on this space, make sure it has a location to take images in that really speaks to you. If yes, does it fit your style? Maybe a forest or an outdoor area that's filled with beautiful flowers? If not, is it close to a location you can drive to for your bridal portraits? Your location matters. Having a gorgeous environment to take your images in can create a more cinematic and artistic approach than just having the portraits taken by a tree outside your reception. Try and find a location that you really connect with and works with the mood board of your day and you will be able to interact with your surroundings to have beautiful images.


2. Lighting is Everything!

If there's one thing on your timeline you should make sure of, it's that you allocate golden hour/sunset time for your portraits. Even if this is later on in the evening, golden hour and the final hour of sunlight will be the best light for your images. Regardless of whether or not you get a magnificent sunset, the way the light will shine on your skin will make you look flawless. When checking out your photo location, take note of where the light is and where it sets and you can chat with your photographer about the best ways to take advantage of the space.


3. Let Loose, Get Comfortable 

Your photos are going to be amazing regardless, because you are going to look incredible, but if you let loose and ease to the camera quickly, almost forgetting it's there and just letting go of your fears to be in the moment with your spouse will create special moments and not just photos. You'll be able to look back on those photos and see that you really were enjoying your chemistry and just being silly with your love, and those are the memories you want to keep forever Take a shot or a glass of wine if you need to, and don't forget to keep moving around and don't pose.


4. Allow Adequate Time

This is one thing a lot of people don't do on their wedding day and leave them with no choice other than to rush the bride and groom photos. Whatever you do, make sure those photos are a priority. Even if it means sacrificing more time in the getting ready hours or somewhere else, because ultimately those portraits are going to be what goes up on your wall, not the photos of you getting your makeup done. Chat with your planner about making this a priority. Having extra time also allows for more variety in your photos, which is always a bonus.


5. Pick A Photographer You Trust

By far, the most important part of having the perfect wedding photos is choosing a photographer whose vision you align with, and whose work is wonderful. But most importantly, the photographer should be able to bring out the best in you, understand what light works best, know how to prompt and "pose" you. We love working unposed with our couples, basically encouraging them to interact with each other, documenting their chemistry come out on camera without manufacturing moments. Choose someones whose work is timeless, who has great values and who will treat you more than just another client. Your photographer should be your best investment because your photos are a family heirloom that will last alongside your marriage (even after the flowers have died). When it comes to your memories, don't risk them being lost forever because of skipping out on a professional photographer or having someone just walk around with their camera. These images are for life and with the investment you have in your wedding, you want everything to be documented forever.



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