Need Last-Minute Valentine's Day Gift Ideas in Portland, OR? Here's Our Top 17...

Ah, the magic of the season of love is in the air… and wait… is it already February 12th?

And you didn’t get a gift for your partner yet? And you haven’t made any dinner plans?

But wait… what if there was a list that helped you decide some awesome, last-minute things you could do, buy, and experience with and for your loved one this February the 14th? Look no further because we’re bringing that list to you, right now.

*Pictured: You and your S.O. making a mad dash to get those last-minute V-Day Deals. 🏍💕

*Pictured: You and your S.O. making a mad dash to get those last-minute V-Day Deals. 🏍💕

Our Top 17 Last-Minute Valentine's Day Gift Ideas in Portland, OR

Experiences to Surprise Your S.O. With:

Tickets to experiences you can share with your partner are a wonderful last-minute Valentine’s day gift idea. You can purchase a ticket to any of these experiences ahead of time without breaking the bank, and give them to your partner as a gift for you to experience in the next few weeks together. The experiences range from food to spas to flight and more. Be sure to check each one out and decided which is right for you. If you’re lucky, you might even be able to book one for Valentines Day anyway! If not, tickets to any of these will be sure to make your partner feel loved and valued.

1. Tickets to Farm Spirit, SE Portland

We’ve been, and we love it. This Southeast stronghold offers “a plant focused tasting menu connecting our diners to the Cascadian bioregion’s bounty of the forest, farm, and field through the offering of seasonal, local dishes emphasizing the beauty of natural simplicity.”

Tickets can be found here, and you’ll get bonus points if your partner is interested in plant-based fare. 🌱

2. Tickets to Knot Springs Social Club

“At the intersection of ancient worldly traditions and the lush Pacific Northwest, you will find Knot Springs. Misty and modern spaces encourage a peaceful yet social sojourn — tiptoe between the hot, temperate and chilly waters, or lose yourself in the sauna or steam room. Use our natural, handcrafted products to exfoliate the skin and heighten the senses. Create a space to peel away the layers. Self care is a radical notion.”

Tickets can be found here, and they can usually accommodate same-day reservations. Make sure you don’t skip the cold plunge. 😉

3. Book a Cozy Cabin with Hot Tub in Mt. Hood for a Winter Getaway

Sometimes, you just need to get away. Booking a hot tub cabin in Mt. Hood gets you just far enough from the city without spending a fortune.

Here’s a few listings to check out on Glamping Hub.


4. Airplane Ride on the Gorge

“On this 35-40 minute flight through the Columbia River Gorge, you will see why it is one of the most visited and photographed natural areas in the Pacific Northwest. Carved by floods and landslides over many, many years, the Gorge has become home to dozens of cascading waterfalls, hundreds of miles of hiking trails, and an outdoor paradise for millions every year. On the ground it's a breathtaking arena, but from the air, it's something else entirely.”

This is probably the most romantic item on this list. Just book it.

Screen Shot 2019-02-11 at 3.35.51 PM.png

5. Tour Distillery Row in SE Portland

A group of innovative Portland distilleries is making handcrafted, locally-distilled spirits available for the first time since prohibition. The heart of this movement lies in two up-and-coming neighborhoods of small warehouses and light industrial buildings in Southeast and Northwest Portland. Twelve independent distilleries are producing more than 80 unique spirits – everything from vodkas and gins, rums and whiskeys, and even more specialized spirits like aquavit, and flavored liqueurs.

Tours run daily, 9-5. Grab tickets here.

Restaurants with No Reservation Required (or allowed!)

Okay, so you’ve got an experience picked out as a gift. But where do you go for dinner that isn’t going to be crowded and doesn’t have a massive reservation list that you probably won’t make it onto in time? Below are some of our favorite walk-in-only dinner and date spots that can provide a wonderful, romantic, and even upscale atmosphere while still being affordable and without requiring you to make any reservation ahead of time. It’s still a good idea to call ahead and make sure they aren’t packed out, but chances are you’ll get a spot at one of these places.

6. Afuri Ramen & Izikaya

“Much like Mt. Hood, the Afuri mountain in Japan has long been revered as a sacred place of harvest; the unique geography creates ideal spring water, perfect for ramen making. Portland’s ecosystem produces nearly identical beautiful water to that of our Japan locations. This water quality combined with the bounty of Pacific Northwest local farms & producers, allows us to create the highest quality ramen and Japanese cuisine available.”

This is an amazing place if you’re looking for the best ramen on the East Side. See their full menu here.

Screen Shot 2019-02-11 at 3.49.45 PM.png

7. Maruti Indian

“Maruti Restaurant is an authentic and contemporary Indian restaurant located here in Portland, Oregon. After honing our culinary skills with our original location in Mt. Shasta, California, where we earned a five-star Yelp rating, we are delighted to present a gracious Indian dining experience to individuals and families in this beautiful city. Come enjoy excellent vegetarian food accompanied with outstanding service and a fun, welcoming atmosphere.”

Order the Tikka Masala. Get extra naan. See their full menu here.

8. Kati Thai

Kati’s “Thai cooking roots are infused with original flavors, inventive style, displayed in a chef-driven evolving menu. We support and buy from small, local family farms and distributors so we know exactly where our ingredients are produced and sourced. All we want for our guests is simple: the best possible Thai food experience in Portland.”

This is where we usually pull out our date night question list and have a good laugh over amazing food. Pad See Ew and Street Fried Rice is our favorite.
See the full menu here.

9. Bar Palomar

One Word: Daquiris.

More words: Delicious, upscale, vibrant and fun. Lots of incredible food. Great atmosphere.

Get their info and full menu here.

10. Nuestra Cocina

“Nuestra Cocina welcomes you to “Our Kitchen”. Nuestra Cocina is a collaboration of two renowned restaurateurs and chefs, Benjamin Gonzales and Shannon Dooley-Gonzales. Together as husband and wife they own and operate Nuestra Cocina, an authentic Mexican dining spot in southeast Portland, Oregon. The style of cuisine can often be considered old peasant style Mexican cooking. Recipes and flavors spanning far as the high desert state of Zacatecas to the coast lines of Vera Cruz and Tampico.”

More info, hours and menu available here.

Screen Shot 2019-02-11 at 4.09.38 PM.png

11. Toro Bravo

Toro Bravo is a Spanish restaurant in NE Portland, Oregon created by restaurateur chef John Gorham. The menu of pintxos, tapas, charcuteria, and raciones changes daily based on seasonal variations, local farmers' produce, and the kitchen crew's inspiration, incorporating elements of modern technique and unexpected flavors into classic Spanish cuisine.”

Mostly walk-in, but do take reservations.
Find more info here.

Screen Shot 2019-02-11 at 4.11.43 PM.png

12. Grassa PDX

“Despite the epic eagle motif on the wall, the stoner-rock on the turntable and general industrial feel of the place, you cannot get a tattoo at Grassa. You can, however, get meticulously crafted bowls of fresh pasta on the fly, paired with traditional and seasonal salads, delicious appetizers and tasty cocktails.”

Easily the best pasta in town, with great atmosphere and lively staff. We like the NW 23rd location the most. Get more info here.

13. BONUS: Electric Castle’s Wunderland

Okay, this isn’t a restaurant. And yes, the website IS from the 90’s. But many games cost by the NICKEL, and we’ve never had more fun hanging out at this awesome arcade off of Belmont in Southeast. A perfect way to end a great night after drinks and dinner. Be sure to check it out.

More info here.

Where to Buy Last Minute, Thoughtful Gifts:

Maybe experiences aren’t your thing, and you don’t eat dinner. Weird flex, but okay. Instead, here’s a list of our favorite little shops for gifts in Portland where you can definitely find something awesome for your partner. These shops all stock local goods from makers around Portland, and have something for everyone.

14. Tender Loving Empire

Tender Loving Empire is part record label, music store, gallery, arts collective, and local goods shop that does all of it really well. It’s an awesome place to shop for your loved one, and you’ll find a wide array of fantastic last-minute gifts that your S.O. will love.

Visit their site here.

15. Porch Light

“A mix of old and new, Porch Light offers everyday objects both useful and beautiful.  We feature rustic furniture, handmade jewelry, glassware, ceramics, wool blankets and throws, stationery and books, perfumes, candles and all manner of curious and useful objects for your home.”

This cute little West Side shop is unassumingly well-stocked, ensuring you find a wonderful gift for your partner in no time. Check them out here.

16. MadeHere PDX

“It’s no secret that the Portland and Seattle markets represent a hotbed of creative culture, and are home to hundreds of industrious folks who design, roast, stitch, bake, weld, brew and build some of the coolest stuff in the world - We just decided it was time to bring all of these great things together in one place!”

This is our favorite store in Portland. Check it out here.

17. Last Minute Flowers:

From You Flowers

Although this service isn’t local, we wanted to throw this in here since many florists have already taken their orders for Valentines day. They do same-day delivery of flowers and you can even schedule them out!

Order your flowers here.

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