How To Get Killer Engagement Photos!


Engagement photos are a definite must if your photographer is local. Even if not, you shouldn't turn down the chance to have your photos taken before your wedding. Having amazing engagement photos is a lot less up to you as it is to your photographer, but it does help if you have a few things in mind before going into your shoot. And who doesn't want cute photos with their babe?


Spend time with each other beforehand.

A lot of people don't realise, but an engagement session should be treated almost like a date. You're going to learn so much about each other on the shoot, and will really need to get absorbed in each other's company, so spend time beforehand making breakfast, or grabbing coffee and talking heart to heart, because your photographer will know if you're just not feeling it with each other, or if you've had an argument in the car on your way to the shoot. 


Imagine your photographer isn't there.

A lot of people freeze up when another person is around, especially when you're showing PDA; it's vulnerable. Try and take all of your photographers prompts really seriously and enjoy them; they're meant to make you have fun, and thus produce beautiful images. The last thing we want you to do is freeze up and try and stare at the camera and smile. Those aren't the photos that demonstrate who you and your partner are as a couple, so just get all excited about each others company and we'll do the rest.


Dress how you normally do!

The worst thing you can do for yourself is wear something that you're not comfortable in or wouldn't normally wear. Dress how you usually do, if that means big baggy coats and Dr. Martens then do it. You're going to be so much more relaxed if you're not thinking about how you look. Grab your favorite outfit that's in your closet, and if its cold bring your favorite coat. That way you have more time to focus on having fun and getting beautiful, candid images and you can look back and really see YOU and your style in the images.


Choose Sunset.

Even if it's going to be an overcast or cloudy day, sunset time always produces the best and most flattering light. Trust your photographer and be willing to change things about if the weather is going to be really bad, but otherwise, you should aim for sunset hours to have those beautiful and dreamy golden images. Also, it's a lovely way to end your day together, and then finish up by grabbing dinner together after. You want to feel good about your session with your photographer; maybe even grab dinner all together!


Choose a photographer that you like as a person, trust as a business-owner and not just because you love their work but because you could see them being a friend.

If your photographer has beautiful work but is a little unfriendly, you're probably going to feel a little bit disappointed with the experience. A huge part of having amazing images is having a wonderful time taking them, and a pleasant experience overall with their business practices. Check out testimonials and reviews on their work, view full blog posts and ask them the questions you really want to know about (like how many weddings they take on, if they will have time to meet beforehand, help with timeline etc). A photographer is a big investment and you should never feel like just another number to them. Also, you can't just feel comfortable sharing that much vulnerability with just anyone, so make sure you feel good about your photographer so you can be as publicly affectionate and romantic with your fiance in front of them. You're going to have them as part of your biggest and most special day and you'll inevitably end up being friends, so make sure you like them as a person.


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