Booking is now open for 2020.

After your fresh flowers wilt, your honeymoon has passed and the leftovers from your family style buffet are completely eaten, your photos are the only thing that will live and extend beyond your wedding day alongside your marriage. It's important to invest into a photographer you trust, and whose business practices are equally as fantastic as their photo style. We care first and foremost about giving you beautiful, lasting memories. We also understand that no wedding has a cookie cutter structure therefore, so we have priced our weddings accordingly.

Simply put, we care about YOU, and we want to help you capture memories that will last forever. Below is a list of our services and pricing to help you get an idea of what the average investment with us is like.

Investment for 2020

Local Weddings start at $3,600
Elopements/Intimate Weddings start at $2,800
Video starts at $3,200
Engagements start at $800


2020 Availability Calendar

Below are our current availabilities. Be sure to check in regularly for changes and reach out if your date is available. Being a team of two means we can take on multiple weddings a day. Select dates will be fully booked, meaning we are completely unavailable for events, and other dates will have one availability. Dates with no events are fully available for weddings, elopements, travel and more.

Want to reserve a date? Hit ‘Get Started’ below and we’ll take you to our contact form. We’re almost at 50% capacity for 2020 so please reach out as soon as possible to secure your date.



Q: What kind of weddings do you actually photograph?

A: We photograph all weddings, large or small, traditional or as quirky as ever, we honestly love weddings in all shapes and forms. However, over the years we've learnt that the closest to our hearts are intimate weddings. An intimate wedding usually takes place in a small venue, with less than 60 guests, and more time and money to invest into the things and moments that really mean the most to you. We also have a soft spot for elopements, as we eloped with absolutely no guests, and so we know how to plan them, how to make them special and how to document them well; they're so special and raw. In saying that, we've worked 18hr 450 person weddings and true elopements with no guests, so we have a wide range of understanding and experience and can accommodate to all (and will never say no to your inquiry based on the size or scale of your wedding).

Q: How many weddings do you shoot per year?

A: We have strategically and intentionally decided to only take on 20-30 weddings/elopements per year. This is so we can focus better on the weddings we do photograph, and also means we close booking for certain months as soon as we've reached our capacity (usually happens in late spring). If you're getting married in peek season we highly suggest getting in touch with us as early as possible so we can secure your wedding day. Peek season for us is usually July-October. We take our bookings up to 12 months in advanced and as late as 2 weeks in advanced (in an emergency case). We also love to get to know our clients and spend more time with them and are invested in making sure you are comfortable with us and trust us to take on such a special part of your day and will go to extra measure to ensure this.

Q: How many images would we receive and do we get high-resolution?

A: On your wedding day, you can expect approximately 75-100 images per hour that we are there. This is approximately 750 for a 10 hour wedding and 200-300 for an elopement, at the minimum. You get the highest resolution possible, as well as a web-sized copy of each, after we've individually chosen and colour edited all of the best images. We will give you all the best images so you needn't worry about us keeping images from you without sharing just to keep photo numbers down. You will receive a personal gallery online (private, but always accessible) and if you have chosen, also a keepsake box which will include a USB with your digital files and a handful of prints.

Q: Once our wedding is over, how and when do we receive our photos?

A: If you've gotten married, go and enjoy your honeymoon. We aim to have your photographs waiting for you, delivered at your door, the day you get back from your honeymoon. Otherwise, we take anywhere up to 8 weeks to deliver your images. We will mail you your keepsake box to your allocated address a few weeks/months after delivery and will send you your digital files through your allocated email. 

Q: My wedding is indoors or will happen at night. Can you work in low light?

A: Of course we can. We began our careers as fine art photographers and know all the little tricks of the trade. Candlelit dinners or fairy lights are enough for us to shoot in, although we usually do prefer some sort of stronger light source. We shoot natural light, so the lower the light, the more grain you may expect to see in your photos (which is actually quite pretty). We do carry external flashes just in case, which are wonderful for dancing photos and we do know how to use them artistically.

Q: I want to book you! How can we get started?

A: The booking process begins with filling out our short questionnaire, located on our contact page. When you choose your desired package, we will send through a simple contract and invoice outlining everything that your package offers. A 30% retainer is due alongside signing the contract so we can secure your day and make ourselves available. Payment plans are available also. For anything that isn't a wedding, full payments will be taken before the day. Click here to get the process started.

Q: Where are you based? Where will you travel?

A: We are based in Portland, OR and spend a good chunk of our time in Southern California and Sydney, Australia to be with family. Any wedding 75 miles outside of Portland, Oregon will incur travel fees, unless you happen to catch us while we're traveling or with plans to be visiting your city. We will travel anywhere if it fits within our schedule with other weddings. Travel expenses additional to our wedding package pricing includes gas/airfare, lodging and a hire car for 2 nights and 3 days. We are more than willing to drive a few extra hours or fly somewhere to photograph your love if we feel connected to you and your wedding.

Q: I’m interested in the raw photo or video footage, can I get it after?

In short, no. We believe that editing and post-processing is half of the work we do, so asking for us to give you raw footage or photos is asking us to do half of our job. We work with extensive file sizes and unique file types that can only be read with the correct software, so most of our clients also wouldn’t have the software to read raw files. We put a lot of hard work and effort into creating a beautiful product, so trust us in our process!

Q: I’m not sure if I’m ready to book. Can I still reach out?

A: Yes, of course you can! We want to make sure we’re a good fit for each other, and at Indwell, we consider our clients our friends. All questions are safe and nothing is too silly. Please reach out!

Q: What is the booking process like?

A: It’s quite easy! First, fill out the form on our contact page. Once you submit the form, we’ll contact you within 24 hours. We always like meeting face-to-face with our couples, so we’ll plan a coffee date or Facetime meeting with you so that we can get to know each other.

Q: I’m not sure if I can afford the package I want all at once. Do you offer payment plans?

A: Yes, absolutely! We’re can accommodate a variety of budgets and payments plans, and we always try our best to accommodate your needs in any way we can.

Q: How many dates do you have left for 2020?

We’re almost 50% full for 2020! Find our availability calendar above. If you haven’t contacted us yet, please fill out the questionnaire on this page as soon as possible so we can secure your date.


If you feel we are the right fit, but these prices might seem a little out of your range, chat to us. We care about people over profit, and although this is our livelihood and how we pay our bills, we can consider being flexible with your budget if you're flexible with our schedule. We will consider these in special circumstances. Reach out to chat to us.