I'm Kiara - I was born in Australia, lived my life eating Vegemite and Tim Tams by the pound, never plan on losing my accent (so many perks) and have held a camera in my hands since I was 11 years old. I'm a plant hoarder, literally Michael Scott from the Office, hyper sensitive, a hopeless romantic... and really clumsy. I am definitely a massive goof, but I love people with my whole heart.

One word to describe me: Nurturer.
Love language: Acts of Service
Myer Briggs: INFJ



I'm David. I wasn't born in Australia, and I'm only about half as pretty as my wife... but she lets me be a part of Indwell anyway. With a burrito in one hand and a cup of coffee in the other, I tackle the world's marketing problems one ad at a time. When I'm not doing that, I shoot video or photo. Kiara says she's the biggest goof you'll ever meet, but she's wrong. That's me...

One word to describe me: Burrito
Love language: Showing you new burrito places
Myer Briggs: BRTO


Indwell; to inhabit. To build a home. To abide within.

Photo by Jordan Voth

Photo by Jordan Voth




We met in the most unique of circumstances and lived a world away from each other (or on other sides of the planet to be more precise) yet share a whole life together. We've been through it all, being internet friends, pen-pals, business partners, assistants on each others shoots, being away from months at a time, traveling the world together, being full time artists, and in all of the craziness of being in love, we have learnt that "indwell" is a world that describes the way we love the other. Our souls are homes for the others'. Our home is never a place on a map or a city in a state, it is in a person who may sometimes reside 8,000 miles away or right by you. Our love and story is powerful and strange and beautiful and this is why we're able to photograph your love, regardless of who you are or how big or small your story is.


We understand love and we adore seeing other people in it.

We eloped December 8th 2016.



Photos by Jordan Voth, Annaliese Bakes and Rosie Hardy.