Our Approach


We love what we do.

It's as simple as that. What sets us apart is the undivided attention we give to our clients, the way we treat them, the way we actually care about what we do. You won't just meet us on your wedding day and never see us again. We aren't just photographers who show up and do our job and go home. We become a part of your stories and your lives. We want to be your friends.

On your wedding day, we step in if things are running behind schedule, we help you fix your dress, pin your flowers to your tux because we've been to enough weddings to know how its done, make sure your day is right, pass on tissues to your family who are filled with emotion. Little known to clients, photographers are by your side nearly your entire wedding day, so it's so important to feel comfortable with who you've chosen.

We spend time getting to know your prior to your wedding day, we shoot with you beforehand, we chat online or through Skype if you're far away, or meet for coffee, we are intentional about creating relationship with you because your wedding day is SO special. 

By the time your wedding rolls around, you already know how we work, you know what looks best, you know how we want you to be: natural. You don't freeze up when there's a camera pointed at you and you know whats important to you. 

As you can read in our FAQ, we only take on 20-30 weddings a year on purpose. We want to spend time getting to know each and every client we work with, we want to spend the time with them that they deserve after the investment they make into Indwell. We are not a production line, you are not a number to us, and we care about you. Because we love what we do.

We also realise that this approach is not for everyone. We are not a boutique photography studio. We do not care about the glamorous details of a wedding of the grandioseness of your venue, we care about you and how your love sets you apart. We want to be your married friends, to chat about life with you, catch up after your wedding day and grab coffee.

We care about you and not just your wedding day, and that's why we love what we do, because we are so in love with people and their stories that this could never just be our "job".

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