Pratik & Bella / In love / Portland in the Springtime

Pratik and Bella are amazing. If you don't know either of them, you're definitely missing out on a lot of inspiration and talent. Bella is a fine art photographer from Oxford, England and Pratik lives in Houston, Texas and runs a retouching agency. They were recently up in Seattle for CreativeLive (teaching, that is) and took a trip down to Portland afterwards. We met up with them immediately when they arrived into town and grabbed coffee, lunch and took their photos. Pratik and Bella are long distance, and we know all too well all the difficulties that are presented when living in another country to the person you love. I took some photographs of them while they were with us, in hopes that those photographs will help them through the tough times (like photos did for David and I when we were apart). We hope to see them again so soon and that they live closer to us than opposite sides of the world (and the other side of the country).



Kiara RoseComment