Aubrey & Easton / Columbia River Gorge Engagement Session


I love sharing the story on how these two came into our lives and found our photography.

When we were photographing Fred & Caroline's wedding in Nashville back in November, we booked an airbnb for one night in between the lodging we had with the bridal party. We stayed in the cutest little spot in Nashville and somehow, I mentioned to the host when booking that I was a wedding photographer in town for a wedding (we needed to book the spot and I wanted them to know we weren't creeps!). Stayed at this beautiful little airbnb and didn't end up meeting our hosts. Finished Fred and Caroline's wedding and on the way home to Portland, a little messaged popped up in my airbnb app saying "Hey Kiara, so I remember you mentioning you're a wedding photographer. You're in Oregon right? My niece is looking for a photographer for her wedding, I'd love to pass your info on". Next thing we knew, we were meeting Aubrey and Easton in Corvallis and they booked our work and said our work was perfect for their style (over other amazing photographers, we stood out which made my jaw drop).

It was so much fun doing their engagement session out on the gorge and getting to know them, and seeing how beautifully in love they are. Days like this are a constant reminder of why I do what I do. And also, how amazing networks like Airbnb are for connecting you with other amazing humans.

Kiara RoseComment