Cassidy and Wyatt Engaged / Portland OR

Cassidy and Wyatt are legitimately two of my new favorite people. They both live in Boise, ID and came out to Portland to have their engagement photos taken by me, and the entire time we were shooting, I was totally in love with their chemistry and their humor. These two are so madly in love and so sweet that it was just another reminder of how precious my job is and how special it is to people who may not get the chance to have their photos taken often. We shot in Mt. Tabor and Fort Vancouver and dodged the rain and braved the cold to get this playful set of photos. The next day we went rock climbing, and they are basically amazing; showed me how it's done and I just watched in total awe as they scaled the trickiest climbs multiple times. I can't wait for their wedding this September.

Kiara RoseComment