Kaitlyn & Ryan, Downtown Syracuse NY

In early July, David and I flew out to Upstate NY to photograph the wedding of one of his early friends from school. Kaitlyn and Ryan are two of the most down to earth, real and raw humans I've ever met. From the moment we starting chatting about coming out to the East Coast to shoot their wedding, I know they would be not only amazing clients, but hosts to us, and friends. Their wedding was so much fun, their family is so accepting and wonderful, and I may have shed a tear or two many times this day.

They started by getting married in the church that Ryan is pastor for, and moved over to the SKY Armory in Downtown Syracuse and in between we explored some beautiful city parks in Syracuse that were basically flooded from all the east coast stormy weather. The morning of their wedding is rained SO hard, and the night before their wedding there was a mini cyclone in a neighbouring town, so the weather was totally unpredictable. But the sun stayed out for us.

They danced all through the night, Kaitlyn's Dad wrote and sung her a sweet song he performed during their reception, Ryan enjoyed some crazy dancing with his best friends and it was everything that a wedding should be.