Ashley & Andrew / In love / Joshua Tree National Park

In May, David and I drove down to Southern California for about 8 back to back sessions and weddings. It was one of the craziest two weeks of my life and we were so incredibly busy, I've neglected blogging all the amazing photos we took!

Ashley reached out to me when she saw we were going to be in Joshua Tree and her and her boyfriend Andrew were coming to California for a trip out of Minnesota for the spring. They'd never had their photos taken and asked for me to take them, and it was an incredible honour.

Joshua Tree is one of the most BEAUTIFUL places, if not my favourite National Park and spread of desert ever, and so exploring it and it being my job to shoot there is always a pleasure. We went up to Keys View and photographed at sunset and we all didn't expect to see the colors of the sunset since it was such a cloudy day, but Californian sunsets just never disappoint.

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