Paige & Andrew / In love / San Diego, CA

Paige and Andrew have been our friends for a while. Paige, David and I dating back to the old Flickr days and Paige and David even to crazy photo adventures together in southern California. Last December, a few days after our wedding, we modelled for Paige in the Las Vegas desert and spent a few sweet days with her and Andrew in an awesome little Airbnb.

On a trip down to San Diego for an engagement session with a client, we stopped over to see them on the way back and Andrew and David flew their drones and I snapped some pictures of them after. I love how in love they are, and I am so excited to hang out with them and go camping together in Joshua Tree this fall.

This set was a little challenge to myself. We had 10 minutes to shoot before we had to head off to Palm Springs, it was midday light so it was harsh and oh so bright, and we were in a very rugged environment. Few trees, long grass on a sloped hill and little shade cover. I wanted to shoot a set in those conditions and here's what I produced.

Kiara RoseComment