Spring Bridal Inspiration / Tribes N Pines & Autumn Johnson

I have found it so important in my career to find people who inspire you creatively, who challenge you and who encourage you in the process. It's so valuable to have people you can bounce ideas and inspiration off. Last week when Vanessa and I met up at Foxy Coffee Co to chat about life and our careers as creatives, she expressed her desire to work with more colours in her floral designs. Being someone who is so inspired by colour and uses it in all possible ways, I was thrilled at her decision to challenge herself and offered to jump in and work with her in creating a colourful, spring inspired shoot. We discussed colour palettes and shapes and sizes and threw the idea out to ask our dear friend Autumn to model. Autumn is someone who I have found myself becoming great friends with in my time in Portland and I messaged her to see if she was interested, and when she replied excited at the idea, we started planning. 

On Monday morning, I woke early and got a small taste of what florists do for a living. I met Vanessa at her cute little studio and we drove out to the Wholesale Flower Markets and picked out our flowers. Vanessa has such an amazing eye for what she does and it was so interesting to see her challenge herself in picking new and interesting colours and flowers, even using potted plants and things she mentioned she isn't used to using. I accidentally blended in with the colours as I wore my long maroon flower skirt and I was so in love with how many colours I could see. We went back to her studio and I watched her prepare the flowers, then let her arrange while I caught up with a friend for coffee down the street.

Autumn met us at the studio around noon and we got her into this beautiful vintage Free People dress from Consign Couture in St Johns, paired it with a ring from a local jewellery maker, said goodbye to Vanessa and drove up to Hoyt Arboretum and took photos as we talked about life and relationships and enjoyed the warmth of the sun on our skin.

I am thrilled to be starting wedding season this year and cannot wait for all the beautiful brides (and grooms!) I get to photograph. Here is some Spring Inspiration for any brides planning their wedding. Find a florist you trust and who loves their craft and will show you what flowers will best match your wedding, find a dress you feel comfortable in and that makes sense with who you are as a person, and find an environment that keeps you inspired. Spring is the prettiest month to witness life and renewing energy and that is so much of what marriage is; the start of a new life.

Dress: FreePeople at Consign Couture
Flowers: Tribes N Pines
Model: Autumn Johnson

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