Catherine & Fabio / Manly, NSW

Catherine and Fabio emailed me earlier in 2015 asking about taking their wedding photos in March of 2016 - Having found my work through Facebook, Catherine immediately seemed like someone I wanted to work with. We met up for coffee in autumn of 2015 and chatted for a couple of hours about photography and how people have lost sight of what a true and beautiful documentary image is all about.

We went and explored their wedding venue before I left overseas again in January of 2016 and I was so excited for how beautiful it was going to be. Manly is such a stunning part of Sydney and the beach itself is amazing, let alone a location atop of the cliffs in Manly. 

Catherine and Fabio have a similar story to David and I, Fabio having lived in Italy for most of his life and Catherine being Australian, they know all about visa's and long distance (with family being away mostly!) so we connected so well.

Their manly wedding was beautiful and intimate and I loved how unique they made their special day. With a traditional "tying of the knot" and blessing of their rings, and then a cute reception at Milestone Events in Manly. It was a very hot and bright day and the sun was definitely shining, but it was awesome.

Wishing you both a world of happiness!

Kiara Rose