Ryan & Abigail / Joshua Tree, CA

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This is Ryan and Abbey. They are a friends close to David and I. Ryan has been an online friend through the photography community for a long while, and David and Ryan have been friends outside of the internet for a long time.

Ryan and Abbey happened to be free the same day we planned to visit Joshua Tree, and after having dinner with them a couple nights before and deciding we didn't want to say goodbye, we dragged them along on our desert adventure.

Ryan and Abbey have such beautiful chemistry. They have a mature love, something lasting and pure. It's so lovely to do life alongside people like them.

We ran around Joshua Tree, exploring and climbing rocks, poking fun at the little cactus plants and chasing the sunlight. Days like this are so treasured in my eyes. Joshua Tree is one of my favourite places in the entire world (thus far) so getting to take photos of these guys in this place was such a dream.

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